Nico Thoemmes

Nico Thoemmes

(VTCT & Certified RolferĀ®)
Tel: 0207 1606 296
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Nico trained as Rolfer® with the British academy of Rolfing Structural Integration after working as a manual therapist for nearly ten years. In addition to Rolfing® he is passionate about getting people to fully enjoy there body through dance, in 2013 he co founded Morning Gloryville, a sober morning rave that now exists in over 15 country’s around the world.

"I work with clients from many walks of life looking for relief from longstanding pain and stiffness and with a desire to feel better in their body. As a Rolfer® I see that distortions in the body’s physical structure can have a taxing influence on quality of life, impeding free, unrestricted mobility and impeding natural vitality. Modern humans are struggling to adapt well to our increasingly sedentary, technology driven lifestyles and often feel burdened with stress, tension and recurring aches and pains. A course of Rolfing® while not a magic cure, can help you remove compression and find greater balance, adaptability and strength in your body"

His special interest lies in supporting mothers during pregnancy and post-birth: believing that although pain is commonly associated with pregnancy, especially musculoskeletal and digestive symptoms, it need not be endured and can be effectively treated by an osteopath.