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Tracy is a skilled and experienced bodywork practitioner and shiatsu teacher with an established clinical practice in North London.

With 15 years experience gained since qualifying at the British School of Shiatsu-Do, she has specialised in working with both physical and emotional conditions alike, convinced of the connection between body and mind. Using the transformative power of touch, together with her knowledge of anatomy, Tracy aims to help you to fulfill your full potential in life by stimulating its natural self-healing process.

Tracy is registered with The Shiatsu Society UK and holds full liability insurance with Balens Ltd. Always continuing her post–grad training, she has qualified as a Movement Shiatsu Practitioner & Shin Tai Practitioner, teaching the latter at The British School of Shiatsu.  She has trained to work with older adults and give Japanese Facial Massage. With experience of working with children and adolescents, she recommends treatment as they pass through different phases of development, helping them to stay connected with their body.

Before Shiatsu Tracy worked as a social worker and probation officer and used this experience to apply this bodywork to help people recovering from drug and alcohol addictions and in managing their mental health. She now works in private practice at the White Crane Clinic in Primrose Hill, in Holloway N7 and North London, N11 where I live with my 2 nearly adult children.

Movement & Wellbeing classes will be starting soon. Six weekly sessions where I combine a whole range of lessons learnt from my yoga, pilates, shiatsu, Ki Gung and dance training to get you moving, breathing and learning how to take care of your own aches and pains. Check below for start dates. She teaches Shiatsu practice classes bi-monthly at The London School of Capoeira, open to all levels of experience.

“Shiatsu has helped me over the years in my recovery from injury and has helped me navigate through some challenging times and life changes. Giving, receiving and my training have kept me positive, creative and more grounded in reality.”

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